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Are School Uniforms Needed - Free Essay Example

It is a day before school and usually, one student would be excited to wear their brand new outfit their parents purchased. On the other hand, there are students who attend to school with a required uniform and the clothing used to sleep at night is the uniform students been wearing for a while now or about to begin wearing the uniform. For a while now, there have been many debates about kids aching to dress up and there are good and bad arguments of having uniforms. Now, various students attending primary and secondary schools around the globe are obligated to dress. The history started as a way to provide institutions with a feeling of character and coherence. School uniforms were meant to pull fairness to the students, despite their parents means. It has turned modern day clothing for uniforms and rather of the traditional uniform of a cardigan with a subtle undershirt, polo and sweatshirts in school colors have changed. Dress pants or jeans are considered popular at unspecified schools. On the other hand, some schools have selected to hold stuff just the way they were for a meaningful amount of time. There are many conditions that are made wearing uniforms and having the situations rotate around to the point where it establishes interesting conversations whether or not school uniforms should be required. School uniforms are good for obedience and will take school more thoughtful to then to concentrate more on learning rather than clothing or concern of violence, since other culmination that is a perpetual and unchanging act. School uniforms may discourage crime and enhance student security. A study conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics, it is resulted that, â€Å"Between 2001 and 2015, the percentage of students ages 12-18 who reported that gangs were present at their school decreased from 20 to 11 percent.† Having the student attending to school where uniform is established brings safety to the student walking to school or going home after school and wearing clothing that are color gang affiliated may lead to crucial consequences to the student going to school and back whether it is being harmed or possibly having the life of the student taken away. Not only were studies conducted throughout violence due to uniforms but also journalist publishing thoughts on the situation. Marian Wilde, a journalist on Great Schools who presented an article Do Uniforms Make Schools Better, had given the thought on student uniforms and how it should be in consideration to take action, â€Å" If it means teenagers will stop killing each other over designer jackets, then our public schools should be able to require their students to wear school uniforms.† In public schools, especially in public high schools, there are students that go all out impress their friends and classmates with wearing expensive clothing brand and shoewear. Wearing expensive clothing around others gives a sign to other students to initiate something far much worse that a student wearing expensive clothing would not know. That is: robbing the students, threatening the student that they will harm that particular student and many more terrifying scenarios. With all this being true, there are some cases that can be argued with requiring school uniform and that being students debating against school uniforms and feel it is not for an education. In a journal Are School Uniforms a Good Fit?, done by Ryan Yeung, had given results to as how wearing uniforms does not improve academic readiness, â€Å"No significant effects of school uniform on performance on second grade reading and mathematics examinations, as well as on 10th-grade reading, mathematics, science, and history examinations.† This may be true, being able to walk to school and home without any altercations uprising is more valuable. Even though there are some cases that students educate better with uniforms, having safteyness with uniform prevents from anything happening when you are in public or in school. Also, published on the Catholic Education written by David L. Brunsma, created a journal The School Uniform Movement and What It Tells Us About American Education: A S ymbol Crusade establishing a point on how uniforms does not signify nowhere of having a great education, being academically ready, having no effects toward schools, and peer attitudes. As this may be accurate, there are great points one can make when having uniforms already presented in the school which is providing security and discouraging crime. Another point that can be argued is school uniforms retain students concentrated on their education, not their outfits. In School Uniforms: Dressing for Success or Conformity?, done by Hinchion Gail Mancini, explains in depth on how schools are competitive with their style rather than students with uniforms, â€Å"..they can concentrate on their studies instead of worrying about their attire.† (Mancini 2). This illustrates great results of not only having the students pursue in a great education but also having a discipline mindset for students when they are in a classroom as he later explains on other non uniform schools, â€Å"Fights often break out at the school when students get jealous..† (Mancini 3). Having no disciplinary actions to the students and being able to control from preventing such bad actions, gives great reasoning to affirm with schools establishing uniform policy. In another journal, Schools Find Stricter Rules, Uniforms Can Lessen Bullying done by John A. Gavin, had come to an understanding that the uniform policies saves class time for students and much easier to enforce since youths were wasting class participation in the office since they signified with not meeting the dress code and such was time absent from class. Not only does this put an end to a non uniform school but then takes action to prevent such bad doings happening and have students attend class with no participation wasted. As this can be easily brought to an open debate, school uniforms do not develop great independency, educational readiness, or tests results. In a study done by Kathleen Wade and Mary E. Stafford titled Public Schools Uniforms: Effects On Perception of Gang presence, School Climate, and Student Self-Perception and their goal was to clarify the relationship between public school uniform and some of their intended results and what they found was, â€Å"Students from schools without uniforms reported higher self-perceptions scores than students from schools with uniform policies.† This may be true but coming from there are varieties of schools with uniform with great educational learning but in some cases wearing school uniforms does develop negative behavior and great treatment for the teachers and environment. Now moving on to another arguable point, Beth Asaff who posted an article Pros and Cons of Uniform, establishes a valid abstract on how uniforms reduces opportunities of s elf expression, individuality, and comfort and she goes on to say, â€Å"Experts believe that children need to feel comfortable in order to maximize learning, and that uniforms can, in this way, deter academic success for some children.†. As this may be true, one can argue this is only affecting â€Å"some† children and not all children therefore making a unreasonable justification on their side of the argument and also, children are able to express themselves by having the ability to voice out and make new friends as they all look identical in the school with uniforms. Elaborating on the argument given, uniform policies save class time because they are straightforward to implement than a conventional dress code. Published by Sage Journals titled, School Uniforms and Person Perception, the author Dorothy Behling goes in depth how school uniforms are better perceived by teachers and other peers. By that she indicated that there was study made in 1994 and those in uniforms were viewed by the teachers while maintaining educational potential and recognized as â€Å"properly performed†. Having that said, the adjectives given were bst fit to justify that the students did not have to worry about their appearance nor whether they would fit in or not which then gives the student the comfort and social activity to be presented in school with peers and teachers. Another point that can be greatly made is Dress Codes In School by Cynthia Bily who argued the dress codes around the nation and how it resulted in schools and what she indicated was the teache rs that had favored the uniform said it saves them â€Å"headaches† and it â€Å"saves valuable class time to enforce less specific dress codes† (Bily 5). This exhibits great points from not only studies but from a teachers point of view. It comes to show that there are teachers who appreciate the uniform policies established in their school which gives them great time to be able to enforce the issue within seconds and still manage to have class time not being wasted. As the argument may be affirmed, one can easily state that school uniform does not perform the significance of education also reduce the negative behavior of wearing the required uniform. Sue Stanley who presented their work, School Uniform and Safety, she justifies information to as why students oppose school uniform and conducted with a middle school. What the study resulted was â€Å"81% if the students said uniforms did not reduce fights, 76% said they did not help them fit in at school, and 69% said they did not make them feel more connected with the school community†. Even thought this may be true, it can be argued that the rest of the students do not feel the same way and appreciate the uniform policy given in the school, knowing their able to achieve in a better education as said previously in the argument made. Given that students create fights with uniform would not be the case of appearance since all students were to be in the same exact uniform. In another article given, The Student Dress Code Debate, presented by Melinda Swafford et al, had an ongoing debate about students dress code affects behavior and Swafford had came up with an idea that, â€Å"Proponents of school dress code and school uniform often attempt to link adolescents’ clothing choices to student behavior†. That being said, it can be easily inferred that choosing what clothing to wear can lead to other students wanting to impress on another. Although it is true of wanting to express oneself appearance, there are others that tend to keep their appearance in a low standard which then leads to bullying and being picked on during school and possibly outside of school that being Cyberbullying. That being said, moving on to a more financial topic, it can be easily addressed that school uniforms can spare parents money. A study conducted by the National Association of Elementary School Principal, found interesting results explaining different trends during 2013 and others that still occur to this day and according to NAESP, they surveyed parents that have their students attend to a school who requires uniforms and it resulted to an outstanding 93% who say it is, â€Å"Time saving in the morning.† Having already bought their student uniform, they no longer have to rush their kid for school if they attend to a school with a uniform policy. Having a kid attending to a school without a uniform policy, makes the parents morning more stressful waiting to see what their kid has to wear which then takes up more time and can possibly make the parent and student late to work and school. Another great point to build on is an article published by School Wears News titled, School Uniforms Cost Just 45p a Day New Study Shows, where they had established valid points on the information given on how parents can save money from buying uniforms, a study conducted in the United Kingdom resulted that uniforms over there cost parents, â€Å" £88.05 pounds† which is equivalent to ($128.79 US Dollars), whereas out of school uniform had averaged to about to an astonishing â€Å" £113 pounds† which is the equivalent to ($165.79 US Dollars). Right there displays good reasoning to as why parents can save money when it comes to spending for their child on school clothing. Not only is it a reasonable cost but also it will save them a good deal for the next couple of years until their child can no longer fit in the uniform. Whereas the parent will be spending money every other month buying non school uniform for their child. Although there are families that are able to afford uniforms for their child, there are low income families that are unfortunately unable to come up with that amount of money and that is why school uniforms in schools weaken the encouragement of open education by requiring additional expenses on families. Found on The Guardian, Patrick Butler had presented an article Hidden Costs of State Schools Causing Hardship for Millions, and elaborated on the idea that school uniforms in public schools weaken the encouragement of open education by requiring an additional expense on families, â€Å"95% of parents on low income reported difficulties in meeting school-related costs.† This proves a good reason, however, this can be easily avoided by making small monthly payments and negotiating with the school to come to an understanding and later on, successfully being able to have your child to be able to academically better themselves without the worry of paying so much money. Another poi nt made by Chris Hush who done an article titled Students Skipping Class Due to Cost of School Uniform, had came to a sense on how kids will have to skip school since they do not meet the financial needs to purchase uniforms, â€Å"..the united way of York County say some students are missing class in York County due to the cost of school uniforms.† As said earlier, it can be made in a concise way possible with a little help from the school. Every school has at least a lost and found where the student can look through and find their size and be able to then finally attend school and not having to purchase any clothing from the school and successfully be educated as said earlier. Furthermore on the idea, it can also be said that students can manifest their individuality in school uniforms by including modifications and attaching accessories. Andrea Dashiell, the journalist on Parentmap had presented an article School Uniform: Conformity vs Creativity, and her idea that she confronted is informing the audience that students should express themselves with uniform on, and she had come to an understanding that 54% of eighth graders said they could continue to publicize their individuality while wearing their school uniform every day. As one can continue the idea of adding on accessories, students may choose to express themselves with anything on their wrists whether it be watches or bracelets. It is a much more convenient and understanding way to present to school without standing out with any expensive clothing as said previously. Another idea presented was from Julia Rubin who created an article How to Accessorize your School Uniform and what she had exhibited was that students can manifest their individuality as well in school uniforms by including modifications and attaching accessories and she quotes, â€Å"Contrary to popular belief, uniform do not stop students from being themselves. Uniforms do not silence voices. Students can wear variety of expensive items, such ad buttons or jewelry.† This idea not only brings out the best in students but also where if students can express themselves without having to wear expensive items, they can be socially active with others around the school or in the classroom as they become academically prepared for class. As Rubin quoted, she finalizes her idea that students can voice out to their opinion, meaning they have the freedom of speech to say anything about what they like and do not like if it were to ever come to a situation that uniforms policy is not being held the way it is supposed to be. It has been shown that school uniforms are immeasurable for discipline and will take school more precariously to then concentrate more on learning rather than clothing or abhorrence of violence since additional issues that are a severe situation in our world. this come to many great points to as whether uniforms are a great choice in our society whether it was violence abruption, academic readiness, financial reasoning, and much more. But it usually comes into consideration in where one comes from and where the school is located. The argument presented can be drawn out to many of those that strive for a better education or policy in the school or around the community especially for those that dress presentable with a uniform on and only has one purpose which is to be educational and successful throughout their lives.

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Prince Edward Island - Essay - 1164 Words

Prince Edward Island Preserve, Co Patricia D March 26, 2012 Executive Summary: Prince Edward Island Preserve manufactures and produced high- quality, high priced specialty food products. P.E.I.P.C. experienced rapid growth in its short history. In the first few years of its existence, founder Bruce MacNaughton expanded his company from one manufacturing and retail outlet in 1989, following a second retail outlet in 1991. The company also diversified and opened two restaurants in 1989 and 1990 respectively. It is anticipated that P.E.I.P.C. will continue to grow, with projected sales for the year ending January 1992, to reach one million dollars. In August 1991, MacNaughton, contemplated on future expansion. The two cities under†¦show more content†¦MacNaughton should critically evaluate P.E.I.P.C’s performance measure for resources and capabilities by utilizing the VRINE model. The VRINE Model Value – A resource is valuable if it enables P.E.I.P.C to exploit opportunities to establish competitive advantage or negate threats. Japanese tourist comprises a large number of visitors to Prince Edward Island and Prince Edward Island Preserve, Co. outlets. The popularity of P.E.I and P.E.I.P.C’s products are well known to Japan. Essentially, the high level of spending by the Japanese, their fascination with P.E.I., traditions of gift giving and the amount of disposal income available to them, indicates that opportunities in Japan might be successful. Rarity – P.E.I.P.C can enjoy temporary competitive advantage, so long as the content of ingredients used to make its specialty preserves remain rare and scarce relative to it competitors. Inimitability/Non-substitutability – Other firms in P.E.I. has begun to retail specialty preserves in hopes to profit from P.E.I.P.C.’s success. Competitors might be able to imitate or substitute the value and resources quickly, at a low cost. Exploitability – With a solid vision, financial base, coupled clear strategy formulation and implementation of its objectives, P.E.I.P.C. can exploit their brand and products domestically and manufacture their products globally with the resources available. P.E.I.P.C canShow MoreRelatedShould Pesticides Be Banned In Prince Edward Island? Essay617 Words   |  3 PagesShould Pesticide Use Be Banned On The Island Today’s Island is not like it was years ago. Before the spraying of toxic pesticides on the Island, many farmers used natural agents to kill off nasty pests in their farms. Now, pesticide use has increased tremendously over the years and caused many things on the island to be harmed. These harmful chemicals, should be banned and hopefully replaced by a safer alternative. It wasn’t until in the mid 1950’s where pesticides started to pose a harm on theRead MoreEssay about Prince Edward Island Preserve Company1357 Words   |  6 PagesCase Study: Prince Edward Island Preserve Company Prince Edward Island Preserve Co Ltd (P E I Preserves) manufactures high-quality, high price point specialty preserves and related products—vinegars, sauces, etc. It has to choose from a variety of expansion options including retail outlets in Toronto or Tokyo, automated bottling and increased production. It is recommended that the company increase production and emphasize its competitive advantage—its reputation for naturalRead MoreEssay on The Deportation of Acadians1408 Words   |  6 Pagesoriented culture in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. The Acadians had created a prosperous agriculture economy up until the late eighteenth century, when there was a colonial struggle in power between the French and the British. British had conquered Port Royal and the Acadians refused to recognize British rule, wanting to keep their religious freedom and not wanting to be obliged to bears arms in the event of war. In this essay I wil l show that the impact from the EnglandRead MorePrince Edward Islands’ history is a crucial aspect in Canada’s past. The work of historians has3000 Words   |  12 PagesPrince Edward Islands’ history is a crucial aspect in Canada’s past. The work of historians has helped to develop and in essence create its intricate and telling historiography. PEI’s early history is difficult to classify before its entrance into Canada, due to its isolated geography and heavy British influence. The most notable representations of PEI and the problem of absentee landlordism in the eighteenth century is characterized by the works of some of the most notable academics in the field:Read MoreOf The Art Of Conversing By Niccolo Machiavelsso Essay729 Words   |  3 PagesIn the essay â€Å"Of the Art of Conversing†, Michel de Montaigne writes We can only improve ourselves in times such as these by walking backward, by discord not by harmony, by being different not by being like. He is assuring the reader that going against the grain is the most beneficial way of living and communicating, and in order to effectively lead people, it is essential for one to be open to change. He asserts that living through chaos is a way to further develop oneself, as outdoor studies majorsRead MoreHistorical Globalization Essay685 Words   |  3 PagesAssignment II Essay Historical Globalization In the period of historical globalization, a lot of horrible events had happen and many people have suffered, also lost what they had such as land, culture, languages, family, freedom, and dignity. Like the Rwanda incidents, Apartheid Law in South Africa and the incidents in Residential Schools in Canada. Although those things had happened, they still survive and right now is rebuilding and moving forward to not let it happen again with theRead MoreThe Rcmp Relationship With Aboriginal Peoples Essay1146 Words   |  5 Pagesthe Canadian state.) Plan of investigation: It is the purpose of this essay to conduct an analytical observation through interviews of First Nations individuals, RCMP officers and Academic instructors who have experience in Police-First Nation relations. Moreover, the paper will attempt to develop a solution to the Police-First Nation relation; a cooperative form of policing. Method of Research: This research essay will be composed of three parts. Firstly, the paper will use analytical researchRead More Honor as the Theme in Homer’s The Iliad Essay2033 Words   |  9 PagesTrojans and the Greeks (or the Achaeans). The said war is believed to be caused by the Trojan Prince, Paris, who stole the beautiful Helen, wife of King Menelaus, a Grecian King who served as a host to Paris. While this circumstance may be easy enough to understand, such setting or background in the plot actually entails more history: Even before Paris was born, a prophecy was carried out that the handsome prince would cause the destruction of Troy; thus, King Priam and his queen banished the baby toRead MoreThe Prohibition Of Alcohol During The 1920s1318 Words   |  6 Pagespurpose. Although the â€Å"Noble Experiment† (Hoover, Herbert, 1928) was effected in Canada by popular vote in the early 1910s, the rapidly-ensuing plebiscites repealing the law serve as the first empirical proof that the experiment was unsuccessful. This essay will discuss that testament to prohibition’s failure, along with the explosion in violent organized crime that occurred under it and the lingering distaste for government substance control it left on Canadian citizens. There is undeniable evidenceRead MoreClive Staples Lewis Essay1325 Words   |  6 Pagesyoung child, Jack enjoyed playing and exploring with his older brother in the family home called â€Å"Little Lea† (Id. 7). He also enjoyed reading and at a young age started making up stories and poems(Imbornoni). His favorite books included Treasure Island by Robert Stevenson and The Secret Garden by Frances Burnett (Id.). Another favorite activity of his was playing in a carved wood wardrobe that his grandfather made, this was the wardrobe that later inspired the entrance to Narnia (Gormley 125).

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Essay on Korean Comfort Women - 2590 Words

Comfort women, or ianfu as they are called in Korean, are females who were forced sex slaves for the Japanese Imperial Army (Chunghee). Some of the women were dragged off with physical force as their families wept, while others were actually sold to the army by their destitute families (Watanabe). Still other were officially drafted by the Japanese Imperial Army and believed they would be factory workers or nurses (Hwang in Schellstede 4). Some Korean village leaders were ordered to send young women to participate in important business for the Imperial Army (Watanabe). Many Japanese soldiers referred to comfort women as teishintai, which means â€Å"volunteer corps,† so those women who thought they would be working in a factory would not†¦show more content†¦The majority of Korean women seem to have come from lower-class worker and farmer families. Korean and other Asian women were assigned to lower-ranking soldiers, while Japanese and European women were reserved for higher-ranking officers (Watanabe). This obviously portrays the condescending attitude the Japanese had toward Koreans. Japanese military leaders formulated the concept of comfort women in order to stop soldiers from committing sexual violence towards women they might encounter. Japanese Lieutenant-General Okamura Yasuji proposed that comfort women should be shipped to Shanghai to solve the problem of 223 rapes reportedly committed by troops there (Kim). One former comfort woman reported that in some places, soldiers were so desperate for some kind of outlet for their sexual desires that they had intercourse with dogs (Kim in Schellstede 32). It is estimated that over 125 million forced sexual acts took place between Japanese soldiers and comfort women in the span of only five years (Kim). The Japanese military made soldiers pay to have sex with comfort women. The prices were as follows: 1.50 yen for privates, 2 yen for non-commissioned officers, 2.50 yen for junior officers, and 3 yen for senior officers (Hicks 19). Concerned for the health of their soldiers, Japanese military leaders provided c ondoms to thwart the spread of any sexually transmitted diseases; however, these condoms were oftenShow MoreRelatedJapanese Comfort Women1493 Words   |  6 PagesJapanese Comfort Women It is estimated that between one and two hundred thousand female sex slaves were forced to deliver sexual services to Japanese soldiers, both before and during World War II. These women were known as comfort women and the Imperial Conference, which was composed of the emperor, representatives from the armed forces and the main Cabinet ministers, approved their use by Japanese soldiers. (Walkom) The term comfort women refers to the victims of a premeditated systematic planRead MorePreventing Sexual Diseases During World War I1372 Words   |  6 Pagesbroke, and it healed twists out of shape. Although comfort women regularly got medical examinations for the purpose of preventing sexual diseases, they could not get any further treatments for other health issues, such as broken bones, injuries from repeated abuse, and sexual intercourse. For these reasons, Japan has caused comfort women serious difficulties along with the miserable suffering from solemn physical injuries. As for comfort women, they had psychological injuries as well, and amongRead More Yuki Tanakas Japans Comfort Women Essay examples1721 Words   |  7 PagesYuki Tanakas Japans Comfort Women This paper is a review of the book Japan’s Comfort Women-Sexual slavery and prostitution during WWII and the US occupation by Yuki Tanaka. This book was published in 2002 by Routledge. The book deals with the thousands of Japanese, Korean, Chinese and other Asian and European women who were victims of organized sexual violence and prostitution by means of â€Å"comfort stations† setup by the Japanese military during World War II.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  As we first get intoRead MoreMilitary Prostitution During Japan s Imperial Rule864 Words   |  4 Pagesin it during their reign. For roughly 50 years’ comfort women were the silent victims of war. During the 1990’s and 2000’s many Korean comfort women came into the lime light by opening up about their experiences in the comfort system. The Feminist Studies journal published Na Young Lee’s scholarly work, â€Å"The Construction of Military Prostitution in South Korea during the U.S. Military Rule, 1945-1948†, in which the author argues the view held by Korean feminist NGO’s in light to the Untied States responsibilityRead MoreEssay on Asian Women in the Eyes of Americans2297 Words   |  10 Pages Introduction The history of Asian women has many facets. I am about to touch on two key monumental points over a sixty year span that have shaped the views of Asian women in the eyes of Americans. As a brief overview, from as early as the 1940s, Asian women were recruited to serve their soldiers during World War II as sex slaves. Forty years later, the dawning of the 1980s brought about the desire of Asian women into American households and sparked the mail order bride phenomenonRead MoreThe Legacy Of Rape, By Nancy Toping Bazins And Jane Harmovit Lauters Philosophy Of Domination1502 Words   |  7 PagesDisciplinary Blindness: Women, War and Rape in the International Politics of Security†. Koo says, â€Å"the nation, the state, allies, and enemies intersect with gendered identities†¦sexual enslavement is politicized violence against women’s bodies that is both state-sanctioned and premeditated† in effect, during war time there is an intersection of gender wi th religion, ethnicity, nationality and anything else that represents the opposing side as an â€Å"other†. In this sense an assault on the women of a nation isRead MoreJapan s Foreign Policy During The End Of The Twentieth And Early Twentieth Century Essay1199 Words   |  5 Pagesand their families. It was only 71 years ago the Koreans and Chinese were liberated from the Japanese by the Allies. The countries could also still felt the Japanese brutalization and aggression in its country. A lot of the Japanese policies were oppressive and voracious causing the local population in its country to suffer and died. Women and young girls were conscripted to provide sex services to the Japanese army and they were called as comfort women. A lot of them suffered tremendous mental andRead MoreChina Vs Jap More Than A Century Of Conflict1381 Words   |  6 Pagesitself to trade with Japan and proclaim independence from China. Japanese reformers attempted to overthrow the Korean gover nment in 1884. Chinese troops rescued the king killing several Japanese guards in the process. War was evaded between the two countries by signing of the Li- Ito convention, both countries had to withdraw troops from Korea. In 1894, Kim Ok-kyun, a pro-Japanese Korean leader of the 1884 rebellion, was invited to Shanghai and assassinated. His body was then placed aboard a ChineseRead MoreWritten by Margaret K. Pai, the Dreams of Two Yi-min narrates the story of her Korean American700 Words   |  3 PagesWritten by Margaret K. Pai, the Dreams of Two Yi-min narrates the story of her Korean American family with the main focus on the life journeys of her father and mother, Do In Kwon and Hee Kyung Lee. Much like the majority of the pre-World War II immigrants, the author’s family is marked and characterized by the common perception of the â€Å"typical† Asian immigrant status in the early 20th century: low class, lack of English speaking ability, lack of transferable educ ation and skills, and lack of knowledgeRead More: Discuss the History of Korea and Its Impact on Koreas Culture, Politics and Business.1397 Words   |  6 Pagesinto two states. Korean civilization is one of the oldest ancient civilizations in world history, and Korea has the oldest history in East Asia. * Gojoseon (National foundation in BC 2333 ) The first Korean kingdom Gojoseon was established on a flourishing bronze culture in BC 2333 by Dangun who was the legendary founder of Gojeseon and people believed he was the grandson of heaven (Edward 2005). It was centered in the basins of Liao (China) and Northern part of the Korean Peninsula. Politics

Student Debt Crisis - 1380 Words

1.0 Introduction A student loan is designed to help students pay for university tuition, books, and living expenses. It may differ from other types of loans in that the interest rate may be substantially lower and the repayment schedule may be deferred while the student is still in education. It also differs in many countries in the strict laws regulating renegotiating and bankruptcy. There are two types of student loan that can be applied which are federal student loan and private student loan. Basically, students are more prefer to make a loan in federal student loan because the fixed interest rate wouldn’t affect the payment that they have to pay even the interest rate rise. In addition, government also provide free insurance†¦show more content†¦4.0 Impacts 5.5 Burden their family for decades Currently, federal student loans are automatically cancelled when the borrower killed or disabled but private student loans become the responsibilities of the students’ families. So that, the student that borrow private loan which have high interest rate just give a burden for their family to settle the debt. Since the family have responsible to pay the debt together with the interest rate, they will have no saving in future. 5.6 Could slow economic recovery in housing market The extensive amount of national debt held by college graduates in federal student loans debt is affecting their ability to qualify for a home loan and a delay in housing market growth. Students coming out of college today have more federal student loan debt than ever and they’re coming into an economy that is under performing. The $1 trillion in student loan debt is starting to slow the economy just as the housing bubble created a mortgage debt problem. For couples looking to buy a house, it is more difficult to qualify for a home mortgage when even one of the buyers has student debt, and even harder if both buyers have student debt. 5.7 Decrease the liquidity of bank Banks may also face difficulty in providing liquidity during a debt crisis ifShow MoreRelatedStudent Debt Crisis And The Housing Crisis920 Words   |  4 Pagesthe United States: student debt is at an all-time high. For the first time in mid- 2013, student debt rose to 830 billion, surpassing the credit-card debt (Clemmitt). Many economists and scholars compare the student debt crisis to the housing bubble, which resulted in a nationwide recession 2008. In a senate hearing regarding the current student debt crisis, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan said, â€Å"The warning signs are there, just like they were before the housing crisis, and congress needsRead MoreThe Nationwide Student Debt Crisis967 Words   |  4 PagesFact or Fiction: The Nationwide Student Debt Crisis In the United States, it is generally accepted that college (or any form of higher education for that matter) is a wise investment that each and every individual should strive for. Each and every year thousands of parents open college funds and future investment plans to ensure that once their child is of age he or she can participate in quality educational programs. While college attendance rates are at a positive all-time high, right behind itRead MoreThe Student Loan Debt Crisis1247 Words   |  5 Pages The Student Loan Debt Crisis Student loan debt has overtime become an unpleasant part of life for millions of Americans and especially borrowers. It is possible to identify the types of people who went through college and borrowed financial loans from those that went through college and did not go to college or those that went but did not borrow. The debt crisis directly affects the families of the borrowers, those with high debt burdens and advanced degrees. Despite the increased length in loanRead MoreThe Problem Of Student Debt Crisis1592 Words   |  7 Pageshigher education. Today college has become almost a necessity to have a satisfactory life, and with these rising prices some individuals believe student loans are the only option. There are many reasons as to why the prices have risen, but the one undeniable fact is that this has created a problem within our country. Which, is known as the student debt crisis, and it has been on the rise the past couple years. This problem is affecting people all around the United States, and is causing multitude ofRead MoreStudent Finance : Student Debt Crisis1663 Words   |  7 PagesExecutive Summary: A decade ago, student loans barely existed. Today, however, American students borrow up to couple million dollars a year to attend college. An entire generation is burdened with debt, and affected by the modern phenomena known as the â€Å"student debt crisis.† In recent years, student loan borrowing rates have risen notably, leading to concern about the public financial risks associated with the financial challenges faced by many students. Of late, the United States government hasRead MoreSolving The Student Debt Crisis Essay1609 Words   |  7 PagesThe student debt crisis has reached an all time high with debt reaching a total of 1.3 trillion dollars across the United States.With tuition cost increasing,lack of scholarships and an increase of government loans,student debt will continue to increase.The enormous amount of debt put upon each student creates the inability of those students to help the economy grow.Our economy as we know it is in shambles and decreasing the stu dent debt significantly will help the economy grow.Instead of debt owersRead MoreThe Student Loan Debt Crisis1873 Words   |  8 Pagesguaranteed employment, financial stability, and an indicator of success, has been declared in jeopardy. Topping the credit card debt and many household debts, the student loan debt has been pronounced the next potential financial disaster in the U.S. With 2014’s numbers currently exceeding $1.2 trillion, the debt figures have reached about twice of 2007’s remaining debt (Akers, 2014). Gone are the days when a parent could send a child to the state university to study their interests and finish offRead MoreStudent Loan Debt Crisis Essay1214 Words   |  5 PagesStudent Loan Debt Crisis What do you think of when you hear the words college graduate? Well, in most scenarios, these words would be exciting to someone that just graduated college who have put in years of hard work and dedication to better educate and promote themselves for their future careers. Sadly enough, this is too far common not the case. In today’s society, students are graduating college with piles of debt at an alarming rate. With a troubled economy that is recovering from a recessionRead MoreStudent Debt Crisis And Its Effects On The Economy1586 Words   |  7 Pagesstudent debt crisis has reached an all time high with debt reaching a total of 1.3 trillion dollars across the United States.With tuition cost increasing,lack of scholarships and unpaid back loans,student debt will continue to increase even higher.The enormous amount of debt put upon each student creates the inability of those students to help the economy grow.Our economy as we know it is a loop and decreasing the student de bt significantly will help the economy grow.Instead of putting that moneyRead MoreStudent Loan Debt Is A Financial Crisis1700 Words   |  7 Pagesincreases the pile of debt students may graduate with gets bigger and bigger. This problem is America’s next sizeable financial crisis, but this crisis however is avoidable. Student loan debt is a financial bubble waiting to blow up just as the housing market collapse did in 2007, which the country is only just now starting to see signs of recovery from. The cost of a four-year degree has seen increases that surpass inflation and health care costs. Likewise, the amount of student loan debt is now greater

Position of Law on Co Ownership of Property

Question: Discuss about the Position of Law on Co Ownership of Property. Answer: Introduction Courts remain to encounter difficulties in particular accounting for the rights and liabilities of co-owners. In most of the cases, when the co-ownership relation end and the need to transfer the property arises. There two types of tenancies. These are, the joint tenancy and tenancy-in-common. Rationally, joint tenancy occurs when two or more acquire properties together with undivided or undefined shares which is the case in St Peters Street Number one, two, and three. We distinguish joint tenancy with four realities. The first one is the unity of proprietary rights, which means the equal right of possession to the entire property. The law says that joint tenant to hold the property in per my et per tout. It simply means that each party owns a whole but nothing as an individual. The second one is the harmony of interest. For this part, the co-owners get the equal treatment either for a fee or as a freehold. The third one is the title. This one states that the ownership should come from the same source. And lastly, is have the time, the unity of time dictates that all the parties vest their interest at the same time. In our concerned cases, all these entities exist in St Peters Street No. 1, 2, and 3. When we come to tenants in common, each party has its defined share. Notably, they may own their respective proportions equally, only that they are specified in writing. In a case one party dies, his/her interest in the property does not end, meaning that the property can comfortably pass to the beneficiaries. This type of tenancy mostly occur where the parties in the ownership come from different backgrounds, and they would want to protect the interest of their individual beneficiaries. Legal and Beneficial Joint Ownership Legal joint ownership states the people whose names appear on the title documents. In most cases, the legal owners are those people mentioned as the registered proprietors. Beneficial joint ownership talks more about the people with the right to share all the interests of the property. By this, the person with the beneficial interests controls the person with the legal interests. The law recognizes that sometimes that the legal owner is not the right owner of the property but merely holds the title to the property for the beneficial owner. The severance of joint ownership can occur either with or without the knowledge of other joint owners especially if their conduct is contradictory to joint ownership. To help Holly, Larissa, and Nathan, this paper we shall examine the requirement for severance, and compare the condition with each case. The procedures by which severance should happen are as follows; it can be by one party operating upon its share. It can occur when the co-owners decides to end the severance by agreement. It can also occur by any course of dealing sufficient to intimate that the interests of all were mutually treated as constituting a tenancy in common. Again, one joint tenant can also send the other notice in writing to the other joint tenants.' Some acts of a third party can also amount to severance. Also, severance can happen due to the acquisition of another estate in the land or through a merger. And lastly, in the cases of homicide, the law will never allow anyone to benefit from a crime. Following all those grounds for severity, this paper will now in depth discuss the application of such principles. For a short background on this case, Holly and Fred acquired St Peter Street No 1 as a married couple. While registering their plot, they registered the proprietorship as joint. Plus, they never had a child. Later on the road, this couple got problems and Fred (husband) decided to leave his share through a Will to his friend Jim. As far as joint tenancy is concerned, one significance feature is that when one party dies, the ownership ends there. In this case, it means that the surviving owner(s) becomes the sole proprietor. More than that, the deceased share doesn't count as a part of his/her estate. As a consequence of that, the property is also not available for division among the beneficiaries. The question in concern is, can a deceased leave transfer the ownership of joint property through a Will? The second question, can a Will have any other impact on property held in joint tenancy? Notably, any Will can only govern the properties that the deceased owned individually. With this, a will cant regulate any property held in joint tenancy.[12] Furthermore, Law Commission abolishes all other existing methods of severance other than severance by notice. So since Holly and Fred had their shares registered as joint, Holly was then entitled to the right of survivorship after the death of Fred. As we have seen above, tenancy in common allow the parties to pass the property to their beneficiaries after the die. With this, Fred could not pass his share to Jim because he had not severed their joint tenancy with Holly. Therefore, the Will giving the golfing buddy (Jim) a share of Freds estate is null and Void. In simple, Freds share had already passed on to Holly, as she was the only surviving tenant. In addition to this, we can also say that Fred held the property in trust for Holly, therefore he was not entitled to transfer it or handle it as it was solely owned by him. As for the case of St Peters Street No.2, the dispute concerns a four-bedroomed house owned Rachel, Ellie, Sophie and Larisa. The four persons acquired the ownership together, but forgot to declare their ownership while registering. In this dispute, this paper shall decide whether the ownership falls under Joint proprietorship or Tenancy in Common. For this purpose, the law can determine where their ownership falls by analyzing four tests. The first test would be the existence of the four entities of Joint ownership. The first one would be the unity of interest. For this one, its absolutely clear that the girls need a home but could not afford it. With that, they clubbed together. This fact concludes that there was unity of interest. Second is the unity of time. As a matter of fact, all these girls wanted a home at the same time. They met, filled the form at the same time, and moved to the house at the same time. Our third test would analyze the unity of title. These girls filled the forms together and even they all failed to fill the TRM together. More on that, they got the title from the same body of registration. This also concludes that there was a unity of title. Lastly, there is unity of possession. These girls physically own Street No 2, and there is no restriction on the use. Plus, there is no declaration of trust. In consideration of the above tests, the conclusion is that St Peters Street No.2 falls under joint in tenancy. Another point that makes the ownership a Joint ownership is the decision by the House of Lords that said its impossible for two people receiving thee title from one person, for the same building to own it as tenants in common. With this, the case Antoniades v Villiers serves a good mirror example. So in the case of St Peters Street No.2, the law would require Larissa to consider the process of severing the tenancy. In law, there are different methods of severing a joint tenancy but the main one is by way of a notice in writing. In this case, the best advice to Larissa would be severing their joint tenancy, and she should do it by a notice in writing. In general, the notice to severe any joint tenancy includes three elements. The first one is the current ownership. This element would require Larissa to include all the names of other proprietors of Street No. 2 as they appear in the title document. Secondly, Larissa would need to indicate how she wants to change the ownership. In this part, she would indicate that its from Joint tenancy to tenancy in common. And lastly, Larissa would need to indicate the different shares that each person owns. This would be easier because they own the property in equal shares among the four of them. Another point to note is that there are two ways of partitioning shares. That is, the partition in kind where the property is divided and each person walks with his/her share. The other one is the partition in sale where the property is sold and money is divided among the proprietors. The former works better when dividing a home. A short background of this case shows Aimee and Nathan purchasing street No. 3 together. They registered the ownership as joint tenants, Nathan is now unhappy with the marriage and wants to severe the tenancy. He send the request to sever to Aimee but Aimee dies before she shows her intention on severing. In this case, this paper shall examine the validity of a notice in severing a joint tenancy sent by posting to the other Joint tenan t(s). As far as this case is concerned, the law counts a notice to severe sent as far as it was sent to the tenants last known address (or business address). Another point to note is that the notice will be deemed sent either the other tenant received it or not. So for a case of Nathan and Aimee, the law considers that Nathan had already severed the tenancy. A mirror case that supports this fact is Kinch v Bullard. Both wife and husband owned a matrimonial home jointly. Sadly, the relationship got worse and the wife initiated divorce proceedings. The wife was ill and thought she would die before the husband, so she asked a solicitor to send a letter with a notice to severe the joint tenancy. Unfortunately, the husband died and the wife backed from the severance by retrieve the letter and tearing. Even though, the judge held that the tenancy had already been. With this concern, Nathan should accept that he cant have Aimees share because he had severed their joint tenancy. Nathan should know that he severed the tenancy the moment he sent the letter and it was delivered. Aimee didnt have to see it. Conclusion To sum it up, it's imperative that any two or more persons planning to live together should agree on their terms concerning their ownership, and such agreement should be explicit. Also, if anyone wants to obtain their ownership in the shared property, it's advisable to get it in an express trust declaring the share. Notably, a declaration of trust should be in written and a person with the capability to declare the trust append his/her signature. Biography Baird D James, Estates: Out Of the Ordinary Problems [2008] Joint Tenancy Dixon M, Modern Land Law (1st edn, Routledge 2012) Evans vs Evans (No.2), [1951] 2 D.L.R. 251 (B.C.C.A). Firth Michael, 'The Taxation of Jointly Owned Property' (2013) VOL XII GITC Review. Smith R, Property Law (8th edn, Pearson Longman 2012) Govett Quilliam, Joint Tenants vs Tenants in Common [2012] Last Update Conveyancing Act 1919, s2. Burgess v Rawnsley [1975] Ch 429, 444, 446 Re Gorman [1990] 1 WLR 616 Megarry Wade, para 9-048 Forfeiture Act 1982, s 2(4)(b) Evans vs Evans (No.2), [1951] 2 D.L.R. 251 (B.C.C.A). Law of Property Act 1925, s 36(2) Antoniades v Villiers [1988] 3 WLR 139 Kinch v Bullard [19981 1 WLR 423

Information System in Taxi Cab Business

Question: Discuss about the Information System in Taxi Cab Business. Answer: Introduction: Taxi Cab Business and a Case Study With the commercialization of taxi or cab business, several companies have taken up cab business within their business structure. Moreover, several new cab business companies have grown up all over the world. In Australia, one of the major cab business companies that have grown up is Uber. Although it is a foreign company, after the expansion of their business, they entered Australia and since then, it has become the largest cab service provider in the country (Uber.com. 2016). The main strength of the company is that they successfully implemented information system in their business for providing prompt service to the customers at any location within the country. Feasibility Study: Uber Case Study Analysis Technical Aspects The technical aspects of the company include use of the latest technologies for the promotion of their services. Uber uses mobile apps that can be accessed by any smartphone user. The mobile apps can be used to book the services from any location (Rawley and Simcoe 2013). There is also a contact number that can be used to book services in case the app is not accessible to any user. Economic Aspects The company has spent significant amount of funds for developing the mobile apps as well as latest models of cars for the cab service (Myr 2013). The main aim of the company is to provide the best experience of AC and non AC cabs to the customers. Behavioral Aspects The companys cabs can be booked from anywhere anytime. Uber provides prompt customer care service as well as the cabs in the least possible time to the customers (Yuan et al. 2013). Information System Uber provides its services using the dedicated smartphone apps that can be accessed by users easily. These applications are directly connected to Ubers own cloud server client. In the cloud server, once the user registers for Uber, his name, location and contact details are stored instantly (Zhang et al. 2015). These can be accessed by company authorities only for future references and security processes. The systems of the companies are also connected to the cloud server. Once a registered user orders a service, the system immediately analyzes the locations of the nearby cabs and the nearest is sent to the customer. All these are operated by the cloud operation services under the monitoring of the company customer care members (Modak et al. 2016). The user also has the option to book service using phone calls. For the payment purpose, two options are available to the customer. They can either pay in cash or have the option of online payment (De Judicibus et al. 2013). In this regard , the user gets a free online Uber account that can be used for storage of money. When the user books a service, the necessary amount is automatically deducted from his account. Benefits and Risks Benefits The benefits that can be gained by a company for implementing information system in taxi business, as evaluated from the case study, are as follows: Fast Response Using an efficient information system can help the company in providing fast response to the users who have booked or queried regarding their services. Location Tracker Efficient information system enables the taxi business company to locate the user easily for providing services. Contact Information The information system also stores important information of the clients that can be accessed and used in case of emergency (Ding et al. 2013). Risks In addition to benefits, several risks are present as well. These are as follows: Information Security The security of the clients personal information system is not ensured since the cloud information system is vulnerable to internet security attacks. Customer Safety Although the company guarantees customer safety during the cab rides, it cannot be ensured by the information system of the company. The personal behaviors of the cab drivers cannot be controlled by information system as well (Zhang et al. 2015). Best Method The best method for implementation of information system in taxi cab business is phased method. This is because, phased method will enable the company to introduce new technologies and functions step by step after analyzing the success of each step. For instance, the company should first start an ordinary cab business with a call service (De Judicibus et al. 2013). If the business is successful and significant revenues can be collected, they should implement the next step, i.e. development of online calling service. After the success of this phase, they can develop the mobile app for fast and prompt service to the client. Another important addition in this phase will be the cloud server client that will be useful in storing customer information and other related documents. The main advantage of phased implementation is that the analysis of each phase can be done efficiently before implementing the next phase. Moreover, in case of business failure, huge losses can be avoided due to failure in only a single phase (Myr 2013). Another important advantage is that, phased implementation allows room for company to enhance or upgrade any existing system within a phase of development. Plausible Time Frame A plausible time frame for the implementation of information system is as follows: Information System Implementation Time Frame Launch of taxi cab business 6 months Collection of Capital 3 months Purchase/Renting of Cabs 2 months Hiring of Drivers 1 month Call for Booking Service Initiation 1 month Registration for Telecommunication Service 15 days Launch of Helpline Number and Service Number 15 days Online Booking Service Implementation 6 months Building of the Official Website 4 months Testing and Launch of the Website 2 months Online Payment System Activation 1 month Designing of a secure online payment system 15 days Linking of online transfer account with the registered bank account 15 days Development of Mobile Apps 6 months Design and Development of mobile app 4 months Testing of the app 45 days Launch of the official app 15 days Cloud Server Implementation 3 months Purchase of cloud server from vendor and implementation of system security 45 days Testing and Launch of the Cloud Server 45 days Customer Safety System Implementation 3 months Installation of surveillance devices in the cabs 45 days Launch of emergency helpline number 15 days Implementation of Cab Location Tracking System 1 month Conclusion and Summary From the report and the case study analysis, it can be concluded that implementation of information system in todays cab business is a necessity with growing number of online cab services from different companies worldwide. Online booking of cabs enables the user to book services from anywhere anytime. However, there are several risks involved in addition to the benefits. These risks must be mitigated and each new system should be implemented phase by phase in order to establish the cab business successfully. References De Judicibus, D., Leopardi, S., Modeo, L. and Pergola, N., Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Holdings Corporation, 2013.Method and system for secured transactions over a wireless network. U.S. Patent 8,352,360. Ding, Y.R., Xiong, J. and Liu, H.J., 2013. The Self-Adapted Taxi Dispatch Platform Based on Geographic Information System. InEmerging Technologies for Information Systems, Computing, and Management(pp. 771-779). Springer New York. Modak, A.N., Yadav, V.R., Kumbhar, G.K. and Mane, M.B., 2016. Smart Traveler-Proficient Taxi Business Application.Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research,2(6). Myr, D., 2013.Automatic optimal taxicab mobile location based dispatching system. U.S. Patent 8,442,848. Rawley, E. and Simcoe, T.S., 2013. Information technology, productivity, and asset ownership: Evidence from taxicab fleets.Organization Science,24(3), pp.831-845. Uber.com. 2016. Drive or Ride with Uber Melbourne. [online] Available at: https://www.uber.com/cities/melbourne/ [Accessed 25 May 2016]. Yuan, N.J., Zheng, Y., Zhang, L. and Xie, X., 2013. T-finder: A recommender system for finding passengers and vacant taxis.Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Transactions on,25(10), pp.2390-2403. Zhang, D., He, T., Lin, S., Munir, S. and Stankovic, J.A., 2015. Online Cruising Mile Reduction in Large-Scale Taxicab Networks.Parallel and Distributed Systems, IEEE Transactions on,26(11), pp.3122-3135.